Jun 23, 2015

Issues and Crisis Management: a fresh perspective

In our years supporting organisations through reputational crises we have learnt that they must be resilient enough to remain profitable through disasters. If the damage caused by the disaster is catastrophically expensive to resolve or the loss of productivity is too high, the business may be unable to survive. When it comes to crisis management, identifying potential issues early and putting a public relations strategy in place is the most important thing any organisation can do to protect itself.

Unfortunately, it is sometimes impossible to predict when a negative news story might break. Having the right systems and processes in place in the first place could be the difference between the press supporting you or tearing you down.

Our managing director, Martin Neale, says: “The Nautilus team, in particular Claire and Lydia, has a unique ability to see the way an organisation or individual is portrayed through other people’s perspectives, whether they are clients, customers, employees or suppliers. They can effectively feed that information back and give advice on the best course of action to help your organisation become better understood by your stakeholders.”

With 10+ years of experience in consumer PR, Claire knows how to protect a customer facing business from the reputational damage that can be caused by product recalls, for example.

Lydia earned her crisis comms stripes working for a meat supplier that was seriously implicated in the horsemeat scandal of 2013. With a swift, proactive and well-strategized response, the company was able to recover from the crisis and save their business from collapse.

Communication is key to the process and we work across written, audio and visual media using direct communication, traditional media relations and digital media to speak to your audience in their own language. Should a reputational crisis occur, our advice would help you recover, adapt and move forward in the eyes of those that matter.

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